What is a Credit Crunch

Lately, the news is flooded with stories about tightening credit conditions and the varying effects this may cause. At Home Loan Cash Back, our aim to to keep you informed so you know what to expect and why. Of course, this is general advice only and designed to give you some context around the credit […]

Refinancing Your Mortgage to Pay for Improvements

Refinancing Your Mortgage to Pay for Home Improvements

Are you sick and tired of looking at your old, out-of-date kitchen? Maybe you have someone new joining your family soon, and you need some extra space in the form of an extension or conservatory? There are countless ways that you can make improvements to your home to give yourself and your family additional comfort. […]

What Are The Costs of Refinancing Your Home Loan

What are the Costs of Refinancing a Home Loan?

Mortgage no longer working for you? A lot of people find themselves paying more than they’d like to on their home loan when they could potentially get a better deal by checking out the offers that competitors provide. Refinancing can be a great option for lowering your repayments – but there’s always a risk that […]

What Does a Mortgage Broker do for Your Home Loan

When you’re approaching a home loan, there’s a lot of different things to think about, from where you want to live, to how many bedrooms you need, and how on earth you’re going to find the time to pack. One way you can make your life a little easier when dealing with all those complex […]

Does it Make Sense to Pay Your Off Your Mortgage Early

At Home Loan Cash Back, when you sign up for a mortgage with us, we ask you to commit to that mortgage for a period of two years. However, after a few years, you might be lucky enough to discover that you can pay off your home loan ahead of time. Perhaps you’ll win big […]

Home Investment Tips to Make your Money Work for You

Home Investment Tips to Make your Money Work for You

Have you been thinking about investing in property lately? A lot of people consider getting a foot on the real estate ladder to help them establish on-going financial security. The only problem is, some investors often feel as though they have to spend a huge amount of money before they can make anything as a […]

Don’t Make these Common Homebuyer Mistakes

Thinking of buying your very first home? That’s great! Home Loan Cash Back will be here to help you every step of the way. Of course, just because you have all the advice you could want from our helpful brokers, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t want to do some of your own research too. First […]

Can You Afford to Invest your Cash in Real Estate?

Can you afford your real-estate investment dreams? At Home Loan Cash Back, we help you to get the best deal on your mortgage – regardless of what you’re looking for a home loan for. New investors frequently ask us how much money they’re going to need to start buying property, but the unfortunate answer is […]

Buying a Home? Building Inspections are Essential

Buying a Home? Building Inspections are Essential

When you’re buying a new home or budgeting for your mortgage, it can feel as though building inspections are yet another expense to think about on top of growing list of financial commitments. Unfortunately, although building inspections might not be the most exciting thing to think about when you’re purchasing a property, they are an […]

Are you Ready to Invest in a Bigger House?

Are you Ready to Invest in a Bigger House?

Sometimes, when you realise that your family or your income has outgrown your existing property, there’s only one thing left to do – and that’s invest in something bigger and better. Although it’s important to make sure that you don’t jump into a home buying situation that you’re not ready for, sometimes, trading up on […]